Our gas safe engineers have been repairing and upgrading boilers in and around Leeds for over 20 years! 

Whether it is an emergency boiler repair, regular boiler repair or boiler upgrade you need, you can rely on our fully qualified and gas safe heating engineers to give you the best option. We will talk you through the repair, what’s needed and what isn’t to give you peace of mind the job will get done right and your money is being spent wisely. At the same time, we will recommend the best energy efficient devices to save you even more money. Clever devices such as thermostats and time clocks to get the most from your boiler.

Harris Heating specialise in boiler repairs and boiler upgrades. If you think your boiler is not doing what it should, it’s time to call in the Heating Experts. We will guide you through the options and event install the following to keep you warm and safe.

  • Nest Smart Thermostats
  • Worcester Wave Smart Control
  • Easy to use thermostats
  • Time clocks
  • Carbon monoxide detectors
  • Boiler relocation

If your boiler needs fixing or just to talk through energy saving devices to keep the purse strings happy, please call our Heating Experts today on 0113 250 5375.


What Our Customers Are Saying


Very smooth service from start to finish and end results were fantastic.

- Customer in Otley