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5 Signs your boiler needs replacing

Posted in News on Feb 07, 2017

There is no good time for your boiler to breakdown and stop working, and many home and property owners wait until a boiler to completely breaks before doing anything about it.

These common mistakes are not only inconvenient, leaving people to fend without hot water or heating, they are also very costly. Bills for mending old boilers along with those costly emergency call out charges all add up, but we can help you spot the signs for a new boiler before the worst happens. 

Your boiler is 15+ years old

Each boiler will be expected to vary in length of service, however, it is estimated that a boiler should last 15 years or longer, with regular maintenance. The advances within technology will also mean an older boiler will not be compatible with the latest boiler technology on the market, and in order to utilise such technology you will need to upgrade your boiler. 

Your house is losing warmth and cold radiators 

If you notice that your house doesn’t feel warm, even when the heating is on, or your boiler keeps turning itself off you’re probably wasting energy whilst not receiving the full benefit of your heating to your home. 

Your first point of call will be to check your radiators, cold radiators are caused by trapped air. Most radiators will be warm in one half of the radiator, whether it be top half or bottom. Try bleeding the radiators first, however if this doesn’t fix the problem it may be time to call your plumber. 

Fuel bills are increasing

If you notice that your energy supplier is increasing your direct debits on a regular benefits, it is likely that your boiler is wasting money and it’s time to consider your options. 

Boiler repairs are becoming more frequent and costly

Pressure keeps dropping, feel like every morning begins with a trip to reset your boiler? If this sounds like you, there could be a problem. 

It is here,  where you need to calculate the cost of constant repairs with the cost of a brand new boiler, the long term outcome could end up costing you more than you bargained for. 

The longer you keep your boiler, the harder it will become for your plumber to source the right parts, parts that are harder to source will also be more expensive. 

Your boiler is emitting strange smells 

If you notice dark marks around the casing of your boiler and it is releasing strange smells, this could be a sign that you boiler could be leaking dangerous carbon monoxide gas. This again could be shown from your carbon monoxide alarm is frequently going off while your boiler is operating. This is a serious problem as your boiler could potentially be very dangerous. 

Problems with your boiler? Need plumbing services in Leeds? 

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