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7 tips for keeping your home toasty and warm this Christmas

Becci Harris

by Becci Harris

Posted in News on Dec 05, 2016

It’s everyone’s favourite time of the year… a time for family, gifts, indulgent food and cosy nights in! But what if those nights in aren’t so cosy? We’re your local plumbing and heating experts, so check out our top 7 tips for keeping your home toasty and warm this Christmas, and save yourself some money whilst you’re at it!

Move the furniture away from radiators

Placing large furniture very close to or against a radiator blocks the heat they emit. Sofa’s are the worst culprit for this, often absorbing a large proportion of the radiator heat which results in you turning yours up! This can become costly and make for a cold living room, even when the heating is on.

Add radiator reflectors

Similarly to the above, lots of the heat emitted by your radiator is lost into the wall and ceiling behind or above it. Adding radiator reflectors helps to reflect the heat back into the room to keep you and the family toasty and warm.

Open and close doors accordingly

Opening and closing your doors appropriately is really important, especially in larger and open plan homes! Obviously keeping your external doors closed is essential - but did you know at times it’s better to keep some doors open? For example, when having a bath or shower leave the door open, the warm air from the room can then drift around the rest of the house. 

Got a spare room that’s hardly ever used? Keep the door closed and the radiator tuned down low. If the room isn’t used, there’s little point in heating it - just be sure to block any large gaps under the door with a draught excluder.

Invest in a draught excluder cushion

We say invest, but in reality - these are cheap and cheerful, but could save you a fortune on your energy bills! Use them to guard any particularly drafty doorways such as those connected to the hallway or porch, and behind front and rear external doors and reap the rewards. These days they come in all colours, shapes and sizes in a variety of styles from novelty sausage dogs to personalised messages.

Shut the curtains when it’s dark

Keeping your curtains open during sunlight hours is essential for increasing the warmth in your house. Similarly, closing the curtains once night falls is equally important. Uncovered windows provide one of the draughtiest areas in the house (behind open doors and windows) and such can see your energy bills soar through the roof. Opting for a thick, thermal lined curtain on your windows helps not just to keep the heat in, but the cool out too! 

Block up unused chimneys

Many open fireplaces within homes are now unused, and as such the chimneys provide no purpose - apart from creating hefty draughts! Blocking up the unused chimney could save you a fortune on your energy bills and help to keep your home snug this Christmas.

Have your boiler serviced

Our last tip is possibly the most important! Having an inefficient boiler, or skipping services is not only dangerous, it could be costing you a fortune! We recommend an annual boiler service for every home, but if you have any concerns about your boiler at any time, it’s better to be safe than sorry! Be sure to contact Harris Heating: your local heating experts for a friendly visit to keep you and your loved ones safe and sound this winter.

Have you been caught out this winter? Lucky for you, our 24 hour emergency call out is available in and around the West Yorkshire area. With an average Checkatrade score of 9.86 and almost 20 years experience - you’re in safe hands! Call us on 0800 1303 007 or email!