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Are you moving home? Then you need to read this...

Becci Harris

by Becci Harris

Posted in Uncategorized on Aug 18, 2017

If you are in the process of buying a new home or have just moved in, have you thought about when the appliances and pipework in your property were last serviced and checked?

The chances are you won't know this, therefore, you will need a qualified gas registered engineer to do a full gas safety check on your property, and service your gas appliances, preferably before you move in.

Gas boilers, Gas water heaters, Gas Fires, Gas Cookers and Gas Heaters are all common gas appliances found in any home. These should all be checked annually by a gas safe registered engineer to avoid things such as carbon monoxide poisoning, gas leaks, fires, and explosions.  

Your chimney or flue should also be checked for any blockages.

Gas safety in the home is crucial to keeping you and your family safe.

If you notice any of the following warning signs, you need to get your appliance checked straight away:

  • The gas appliance is not working properly
  • The appliance is burning with a lazy yellow flame rather than a crisp blue one
  • Black marks/stains are evident around the gas appliance
  • The pilot light keeps going out
  • There is increased condensation in the room

Whether you are just moving into a new house, or have gas appliances installed in your home, you should always have these checked and serviced annually by a gas safe registered engineer.

At Harris Heating, our team of qualified gas safe engineers will do a full gas safety check and service your gas appliances for you at the same time.  Please call 0113 2505375 today to book your appointment. 164 of our customers have rated us 9.86 out of 10 in every area on Checkatrade