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Do you need a magnetic system filter?

Trevor Harris

by Trevor Harris

Posted in News, Uncategorized on May 21, 2019

When having a new boiler installed we always recommend you have a magnetic filter installed. 

Boilers are an expensive appliance and keeping them running efficiently for 10+ years is the main aim. 

Your system runs all year, and harder in winter months, and over time rust and debris collects in your system and can cause a boiler breakdown. 

Installing a magnetic filter to collect the sludge and debris will keep your boiler running efficiently all year and prevent those unwanted break downs! 

What will a filter do? 

A magnetic filter extracts debris flowing through your water pipes. Allowing water to flow freely without blockage, and also preventing it running through your boiler

What are the benefits? 

The benefits of a magnetic filter are:

  • Reduced risk of costly boiler breakdowns
  • Your boiler will run at a higher efficiency for longer 
  • Prolong the life of your boiler
  • Lower energy bills 
  • Reduce your carbon footprint 

What causes the build up to happen? 

Over time rust forms within your heating system. This combines with dirt and debris and causes what is aptly named as sludge which has an impact on your heating system 

Do I have to clean out my filter? 

After boiler installation your boiler will require an annual boiler service in order to maintain its warranty. During this service the engineer will clean your filter for you 

What if I don’t want a filter fitting? 

It is standard practice for our company to install these filters as part of a boiler installation. In the case you don’t want a filter, a power flush will be required to ensure your system is clear of sludge, this takes a day to complete. It also will need possibly repeating after 5/6 years 

Over all magnetic filters are a great way to maintain and care for your boiler to ensure you have an efficient boiler to provide you with hot water and heating for many years.

When it is time to upgrade your boiler the benefits of having a filter fitted outweigh the downsides to not. 

We recommend to our customers a Magnaclean professional filters. Our reasons are:

  • It comes with a 10 year warranty
  • It can save on average 6% on your heating bills on the average 3 bed home 
  • Immediate and ongoing central heating protection 
  • Reduces carbon emissions