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Money saving tips

Becci Harris

by Becci Harris

Posted in Uncategorized on Apr 18, 2017

Here at Harris Heating, we are aware of how energy bills can be a big cost for households. But, there are many things you can do to keep your bills low as possible. We have put together a list with some tips to help save you money!

Check your energy supplier

You could consider switching your energy supplier/s. This is a fairly simple task and can take practically no time at all. There are many online services which can compare suppliers and offer you the best deal.

This should especially be a consideration if you haven’t changed your supplier in the past 3 years. Additionally, although you may be on a good deal currently, it’s important to check regularly for the cheapest tariffs. Moreover, if you would like the same supplier for electricity and gas, then choosing a dual-fuel deal will nearly always be cheaper. Also, paying by direct debit, it is often a lot cheaper and avoids the worry of missing payments!

Heating smartly

Heating your home is essential, especially in the winter months, so saving money here can be a big help on costs, but it’s important that you are doing it correctly.  For example, you should consider using your central heating timer (not the thermostat) to turn the heating on and off. It’s important to use your heating when necessary and not forget that it’s on - otherwise your heating will be a cost that you don’t feel the benefit of.

Another way you can make your heating more cost effective is by keeping your radiators clear. For example, don’t put a sofa in front of your radiator because it will absorb a lot of the heat. Even little items like a draught excluder can be a great purchase, British Gas found that you could save up to £35 a year when you get rid of all the draughts in your house.

Hot water

Your water bills may be very high from everyday use, such as showers and washing up, however there are ways to make the bills as low as possible.

For example, you could look into insulating your immersion tank which will keep your water hot for longer. Also, it’s important to get your boiler checked, or consider replacing it if it’s old. You could save up to £340 a year if you install a new condensing boiler and controls.

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