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Nest Learning Thermostat - Your thermostat controls 60% of your energy bill. So doesn’t it make sense that it should save you energy?

Becci Harris

by Becci Harris

Posted in News, Uncategorized on Jun 29, 2018

The Nest Thermostat learns from you.  It gets to know the temperature you like when you’re at home and turns itself down when you’re away.  It also learns how your home warms up, or how draughty it is so that it only uses the energy it needs – therefore saving energy!

As you turn the temperature up and down, Nest learns from you. So if you turn the heating down on your way to bed, Nest will learn this and start to build you a schedule.

Using sensors and your phone's location, Nest knows when you have left the house and will then set itself to Eco temperatures to save energy.

And if you need to adjust the temperature when you’re away from home, you can do this via your mobile phone.

You can also control your hot water tank with the Nest Thermostat. And if you’re away for a few days, the Nest Thermostat will turn it off for you so you don’t need to remember!

You can see how much energy you have saved and the times when you use more or less energy in your energy history.  This can help you to identify how and where you could save more energy.

Clever right?

And this works with other Nest products too!

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