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Radiator installation - When to upgrade your heating system.

Trevor Harris

by Trevor Harris

Posted in News, Uncategorized on May 24, 2019

With energy efficiency on the rise, along with the price of heating your home, we all look to ways to reduce our carbon footprint and our bills. 

This always starts with our heating systems, which accounts for 55% of our energy bills per year according to the energy saving trust. 

Outdated and inefficient heating systems are not only impacting the planet but also our monthly budgets. So upgrading your heating system could pay for itself over time with the savings achieved. And with 0% finance available on certain products you may be able to spread the cost, making the upgrade manageable and affordable. 

It is recommended to look at replacing radiators that are around 15 years old. Radiators that are over 15 years old become not only dated, but the efficiency isn’t at its best. Also radiator technology has changed in the last 15 years meaning your old radiators already aren’t as efficient as modern models. 

Modern radiators have been designed to be smaller although they emit as much heat as before but with much more ease and much less water. 

Through time the internals of radiators start to break down, meaning small metal particles and debris sludge up inside. This makes them less efficient and ultimately your boiler also, and can also be a cause of boiler breakdowns. 

When upgrading your current combi boiler it is worth looking at the age of your whole heating system and deciding whether to upgrade your radiators at the same time as replacing your boiler. 

Although, if you have kept your boiler serviced, and have had inhibitor added to your heating system annually you may not need to upgrade your radiators. During a quote if you are unsure as to whether they do require upgrade we are able to use thermal imaging technology to inspect the flow of water through your radiators and the heat being given out. This can help to know whether an upgrade is a necessary expense. We always recommend caring for your heating system to ensure it’s efficiency is maintained. 

Not only can you make your home more energy efficient, radiators have grown in style and can become a focal point or discreet to keep in the theme of your home. 

Modern radiators have far surpassed the old block white look, with a range of colours and sizes now available. With some radiators even looking like a work of art, our favourite is the copper range of radiators. 

Even traditional column radiators have been brought to the 21st century with new technology meaning the water is better spread on the radiator surface to emit better heat, whilst maintaining a traditional feel in your home. 

But many customers now prefer the vertical radiators, they can be hung on smaller vertical walls freeing up small spaces for furniture without compromising on heat in cooler months. 

So whether you are looking to upgrade your whole central heating system or just your radiators, look in to all options of reducing your carbon footprint and energy bills.