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Smart Hot Water Tank

Trevor Harris

by Trevor Harris

Posted in News on Jun 21, 2019

As approved installers of Mixergy hot water tanks, we want to let our customers know about this breakthrough technology. 

Conventional hot water tanks heat all or none of your water, regardless of what is required. Waiting around for hot water doesn't feel like something we should be doing in the 21st century! 

So what makes a Mixergy tank better then a conventional hot water cylinder?

Heat what you need - Mixergy tanks allow you to heat exactly how much hot water you need, without wasting money and energy heating the entire tank.

Choose your temperature - You can set your water temperature, meaning you can have a hot bath or turn it down to prevent scolding. This is great for families, meaning the kids are safe. The tank will tell you exactly what the highest and lowest temperature in the tank is at any time.

Heat faster - The internal technology of Mixergy tanks quickens reheat time. It is able to deliver hot water 5x faster with electric and 2x faster with gas then a conventional tank.

Choose your heat source - You can choose from a range of conventional and renewable heat sources to suit your needs. You can optimise economy 7 tariffs during off peak times and even use solar energy during the sunshine hours of the day.

How does the mixergy tank work?

With top-up technology, this enables you to heat how much hot water you need. When the tank heats, it increases the portion of water which is heated from the top down, rather then heating bottom up like a conventional tank to heat the whole tank at once. This reduces heat loss, and saves energy.

 Energy usage chart

Unlike conventional tanks Mixergy tanks use machine learning, which allows the tank to learn and predict at what times of day you will require how water, and adjust the schedules accordingly. 

Your smart cylinder will connect to an app meaning you can control your hot water through your smart phone! Another feature you definitely wouldn't find on a conventional cylinder. This user friendly app allows you to know how much hot water is available, boost the tank to heat more water and change the water temperature. 

On top of all these great features, Mixergy added a safety feature. If the tank hasn't reached a high enough temperature every two weeks it will automatically sterilise itself to prevent any build up of bacteria within the tank. A feature conventional tanks definitely don't possess!

The only downside to Mixergy tanks is they require internet connectivity for the smarter controls, but most homes in the UK now have internet installed.

So if you are looking to make your home greener, and save money on your energy bills, call us for a free quote to install a Mixergy hot water tank in your home on 01132505375 or visit the contact us page