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What causes Low Boiler Pressure?

Becci Harris

by Becci Harris

Posted in News on Jan 18, 2018

There are a number of things that can cause Low Boiler Pressure! If you find that the pressure on your boiler is dropping constantly then it could be that you have a leak somewhere is your boiler system or a bleeding radiator.

Your boiler needs constant water pressure to remain efficient.  If the pressure is constantly dropping, it can affect the performance of your boiler.  The important thing is that you have the problem investigated by a professional, as Low Boiler Pressure could mean that there is something wrong with your boiler system.

If you check the gauge on your Boiler and it sits somewhere between one and two bars, then the pressure is fine.  If it sits below this, then it's probably too low.

The two most common causes of Low Boiler Pressure are:

Water Leaks - This could be from your pipes, Boiler or radiators. Small leaks can be hard to spot! You can have a look around for any damp patches, but you should never attempt to take a look inside your boiler as this is incredibly dangerous. Always call a Gas Safe Registered Engineer!

Bleeding Radiators - When you bleed a radiator you release air which can cause a drop in pressure.

If you have a drop in pressure then the first thing to do is establish what's causing it. Hiring a professional to check your boiler for a leak is probably a good idea.  Once you know if your boiler has a leak, it can either be fixed or you can just repressurise your boiler. A qualified, Gas Safe heating engineer will be able to help you to fix the problem.

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