To ensure your central heating reaches every part of your home, with fully functional radiators keeping every room warm, we recommend a Power flush service for efficient maintenance.

Power flushing gives your radiators a deep clean, pushing out the build-up of sludge and rust using powerful chemicals. Flushing out debris that sits in your radiators, pipes, and boiler, preventing them from effectively heating your home.

What does Power flushing do?

Using powerful chemicals to flush out sludge, rust, and debris that has been left in the system will soon start to corrode appliances. Corrosion leading to damages, impacting on heating bills alongside an expensive boiler repair or replacement.

Does your central heating need a Power flush?

Test your radiators. If some rooms are colder, radiators are not as warm as others in the house, this is a sign heat is not being evenly distributed. Parts of the radiator may be cold, which means there is a build-up in the system somewhere.

If heating your home takes a little longer, discoloured water can be seen when bleeding your radiators or there is a build-up of limescale seen in cloudy running water, these are signs your central heating system would benefit from a Power flush.

Power flushing with Harris Heating

If you spot any of the signs above, get in touch. Our experienced heating engineers will test your central heating system and arrange a convenient time to deliver our Powerflush service.

Our Power flush machine connects to your central heating system, a powerful force which pushes chemicals through to remove the debris that has built up over time.

It can take a full day to clean your central heating system, depending on the size and how dirty it is. Based on experience, we will give you an indication in advance of how long we think we will be in your home so you can plan your day.

Chemicals in Power flushing

We use high-quality chemicals in our Power flushing machine. This breaks down the debris and descales the limescale, flushing out all the bad stuff, ensuring a deeply cleaned system, and a clear run for the water needed to heat your home.

Power flush Costs

A full Power flushing service costs £450, carried out by our experienced heating engineers and includes the deep cleaning chemicals used. This is based on up to 10 radiators with additional radiators charged at £25 each.

Central Heating Filters

We recommend following up the Power flush, with central heating filters that our heating engineers can install. These will reduce the amount of sludge, rust, and limescale building up again. Extra protection for your central heating system, filters create an additional layer from sludge and harmful debris. For a quote to install a system filter call our office.

If you are concerned about your radiators not heating up or if bleeding them is not working as it used to, get in touch with our Customer Service team for advice on Power flushing on 0113 250 5375.

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