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Central Heating playing up? You may need a Power Flush but what is it?

Becci Harris

by Becci Harris

Posted in Uncategorized on Aug 03, 2017

If you noticed problems with your central heating during last winter, you may find that it needs a Power Flush! 

But what is it?

Over time, sludge, rustand debris that has built up in the system can start to corrode appliances. Corrosion leads to damage, which can have an impact on heating bills and eventually may result in an expensive boiler repair or replacement. 

If you have noticed that some rooms are colder than others or some of your radiators are not warming up properly, then this is usually a sign that the heat is not being evenly distributed. If parts of the radiator are cold it means there is most likely a build-up in the system somewhere.

If heating your home is taking a little longer, try bleeding your radiators. If the water is discoloured or there is a build-up of limescale seen in cloudy running water, these are signs your central heating system would benefit from a Power flush.

A Power Flush uses powerful chemicals to flush out sludge, rustand debris from your central heating system. Central heating filters can then be installed to help to reduce the amount of sludge, rust and lime scale building up again.  

if you have noticed any of the above problems, please get in touch with Harris Heating on 0113 250 53 75.  We can arrange for one of our expert engineers to visit so that your central heating is in tip top condition for the winter months ahead.